Literature and Criticism. The Yellow
Book, an Illustrated Quarterly. (Cope-
land & Day, Boston.) The merry-go-round
of literary history brings back the old il-
lustrated annual in this Yellow Book. To
be sure, our great-grandaunts would have
thought the pictures puzzles, and the text
somewhat unedited, but the general princi-
ple is the same,— a collection of heteroge-
neous stories, poems, and sketches, of the
current manner, and detached engravings
by the artists in vogue. Only, in this case
the fashion seems to be that of the day after
to-morrow, and that is two days away.
Much may happen to-morrow; possibly a
return to nobility, purity and high ideals
in literature and art. We commend to
some of his associates in the Yellow Book
Mr. Waugh's vigorous contribution on Re-
ticence in Literature.


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