Publishers' Circular Bad Art in the Yellow Book.*

From Mr. John Lane. — 'The Yellow Book: an
Illustrated Quarterly,' Vol. XIII. Among
the literary contributors to this quarter's
'Yellow Book' are Dr. Garnett, Mrs. Cun-
ningham Grahame, Marion Hepworth Dixon,
F. B. Money Coutts, Ella D'Arcy, Richard Le
Gallienne, Olive Custance, Stephen Phillips,
and Francis Watt. Among the artists we
find Ethel Reed, E. J. Sullivan, Katharine
Cameron, A. Bauerle, Patten Wilson, Charles
Conder, and E. Philip Pimlott. Mr. Sullivan
pleases best, his four pictures being drawn
with a sure and firm touch. Miss Ethel Reed
is not so successful as usual. The yearning
adter the grotesque in art is still painfully
apparent. For posters, this style is good, as
witness some of the posters of to-day which
have been done by the Beardsley school, but
as book illustrations they are apt to pall.
The prose and the poetry in the volume are
up to the usual standard.

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