Tristram and Iseult

Tristram and IseultImage is of a knight in armour lying in the grass beside a river He is                        sitting halfway up with his left elbow supporting him His back is against a                        tree trunk The branches of the tree are in full bloom the branches crawl                        across the top of the image These branches blend in with others from two                        trees to the far right and far left of the image A dozen leaves are falling                        off the left tree as the wind is blowing The mans right hand is clutching a                        light coloured blanket which covers him from the chest down He is shown in                        profile looking to the left There are several flowers scattered throughout                        the grass In behind him is a wooden boat tied to the shore with a chain                        Across the river is a cluster of trees The right of the trees is a castle                        there is a path that leads to the castle To the left of him in the middle                        ground is a figure seen from the back The figure is wearing long sleeved                        attire the hair of the figure is blowing in the wind The figure is holding                        something in left hand the right hand is curled up The figure is standing at                        the edge of the shore looking into the distance In the background further                        down the river is a building and some trees Near the building the river                        empties into a larger body of water The artists initials BS are in the lower                        right hand corner A single ship is sailing on the water Image is displayed                        horizontally

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