The Lady of Shalott

The Lady of ShalottImage is of a woman shown full frontally at the top of a tower She is                        dressed in a long dress with patterned sleeves and details around the waist                        wrist and neck. Her hair is long and dark with a part down the middle Her                        feet poke out from under her hemline The ground is made of flagstones The                        woman’s right hand is resting on a wooden railing the railing has a cutout                        of a haloed religious figure with arms crossed In the background above the                        railing is a lit candle Immediately behind the woman is a circular mirror                        reflecting a window and a castle with two turrets; the mirror is cracked In                        front of the castle is a knight The knight is shown in profile facing left                        he has a plumed helmet The walls in the background are adorned with angels                        To her right is a large loom with several pieces of cloth flowing out of it                        The artists initials FMR are in the lower left corner The image is                        vertically displayed

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