A Reading from Herrick

A Reading from HerrickImage is of three women on hilly terrain reading Herricks poetry                        together The woman reading the book is the leftmost figure Both of her hands                        hold the book She has dark hair in an updo she is wearing a patterned dress                        with a ruffled neckline and long puffed sleeves On her right arm is a dark                        bag that cinches closed The woman is leaning on a wooden fence She is shown                        in profile looking right at a woman standing beside her The woman to her                        right has light coloured hair contained by a hat She is also wearing a light                        coloured dress with puffed sleeves and a ruffled collar with a dark vest She                        is sitting on the same wooden fence This womans right arm is supporting her                        on the fence and her left hand She is looking toward the book with a                        slightly tilted face To their right in the middle ground is a young woman                        She is shown in profile looking left in the direction of the women She has                        light coloured hair and is wearing a patterned dress with long sleeves She                        is fastening the neck strap of a hat In the right immediate foreground there                        is a cluster of daffodils There are trees in the background Small flowers                        are dispersed throughout the grass. The artists initials CAL are in the                        bottom right corner The image is horizontally displayed The image is single                        ruled with a thick black line

MLA citation: Levetus, Celia A. "A Reading from Herrick." The Yellow Book 9 (April 1896): 102. The Yellow Nineties Online. Ed. Dennis Denisoff and Lorraine Janzen Kooistra. Ryerson University, 2013. Web. [Date of access]. http://1890s.ca/HTML.aspx?s=YBV9_levetus_herrick.html