Binnorie, O Binnorie

Binnorie, O BinnorieImage is a young man showing a harp to a queen He is wearing a cloak                        with a hood overtop a detailed robe There is a patch with a harp on the left                        sleeve of the robe The mans head is tilted downward Another young male                        figure with detailed robes can be seen in the background in ¾ face He has a                        rolled piece of paper and a bag affixed to a belt The woman is shown in                        profile wearing a circlet and a light coloured robe She is sitting in a                        throne to the left of the throne is a potted plant In the background behind                        her is a bearded king also shown in profile A kneeling figure holding a tray                        with two goblets and a pitcher is in the middle background The figures face                        is obscured by the glassware An inscription in a footer at the bottom of the                        page reads AND STRAIGHT IT BEGAN TO PLAY ALONE BY THE BONNY MILLDAMS O                        BINNORIE O YONDER SITS MY FATHER THE KING BINNORIE O BINNORIE AND YONDER                        SITS MY MOTHER THE QUEEN BY THE BONNY MILLDAMS OF BINNORIE Image is                        vertically displayed The footer and the top of the image both have a                        patterned frame The image has a thick black rule around the left and right                        side

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