The Missing Boat in Sight

The Missing Boat in SightImage is of several people gathered around to watch a boat There are                        two men wearing dark clothing in the extreme foreground of the image. The                        man on the left is older with white hair sticking out from under his hat He                        is holding a telescope with his right hand; his left hand is resting on a                        bent knee The younger man is shown in 3 4 face leaning in towards the older                        man A portion of his face is shrouded in darkness. His right arm is point                        straight ahead while his left hand is clutching on to his dark-coloured                        raincoat There is an old lady wearing a white headdress behind them. Her                        right hand is held against her face a shadow is cast from this hand There is                        a bearded man in a hat shown in profile to the left of the woman Behind and                        to the left of the old woman is a small girl in a long sleeved white dress                        She has dark curly hair The girl is clutching on to an older woman holding a                        baby in her left arm The woman is wearing an apron and a button down shirt                        her hair is blowing in the wind Her left arm is wrapped around the                        midsection of the little girl To the left of these female figures is an                        older man with a white beard wearing a rain jacket and hat His left hand is                        raised up towards the sky, palm facing up A small spotted fox terrier stands                        to the left of the man In the background are dozens of people standing on a                        dock looking into the distance In the left extreme foreground two buildings                        can be seen The sky is cloudy The word Swantype is in the bottom right hand                        corner The image is vertically displayed

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