Hermia and Helena

Hermia and HelenaImage is of two girls Hermia and Helena from William Shakespeares A                        Midsummer Nights Dream sitting on a bench indoors Both girls are wearing                        identical expressions and looking straight ahead They each have dark hair                        secured by a hair band Both girls are wearing dark dresses with detailing                        around the sleeves The girl on the right is wearing a necklace with a cross                        she has needlework in her left hand In her right hand is a needle Her knees                        are tucked up toward her poking out from the hemline of her dress The girl                        on the left is holding a needle in her right hand as well She is wearing a                        double string of beads around her neck Wood panelling takes up much of the                        background Just above the wood panelling immediately behind the girls is a                        tapestry with the name and picture of three star signs Aries Taurus and                        Gemini The girls are sitting on a cushioned bench Underneath this cushion is                        a skipping rope with wooden handles A small box is ajar on the patterned                        carpet in front of the bench a pair of scissors and some fabric poke out                        Propped up against the wall is a dark feather duster The image is vertically                        displayed

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