"Come unto these Yellow Sands"

"Come unto these Yellow Sands"Image is of five naked girls dancing in a circle in the foreground They                        are all holding hands They are on a beach waves can be seen in the                        background. Three of the girls have long flowing hair the other two have an                        updo. The girl in the centre of the image has three identical seashells in                        her hair Her back is to us The girl to her right left and front left all                        have their eyes open There is one starfish and four seashells in various                        shapes along the bottom of the image The sky is cloudless A border of                        seaweed is growing around the image framing it as a picture Its roots are                        growing from the bottom of the image at the top the seaweed splits into many                        sprigs The sprigs surround a scroll that contains a passage from William                        Shakespeares The Tempest COME UNTO THESE YELLOW SANDS AND THEN TAKE HANDS                        COURTSIED WHEN YE HAVE & KISSD THE WILD WAVES WHIST FOOT IT FEATLY HERE                        & THERE & SWEET SPRITES THE BURTHEN BEAR in capital letters. The                        artists initials HIA are in the bottom right corner The image is vertically                        displayed

MLA citation: Adams, H. Isabel. ""Come unto these Yellow Sands"." The Yellow Book 9 (April 1896): 82. The Yellow Nineties Online. Ed. Dennis Denisoff and Lorraine Janzen Kooistra. Ryerson University, 2013. Web. [Date of access].