The Window Seat

The Window SeatImage is of two women and a young girl sitting in a window seat On the                        right side of the image there is a woman leaning over the window seat She                        is wearing a long sleeved white dress with a ribbon around the waist the                        dress has a ruffled neckline and sleeves She is shown in profile looking                        towards the women on the left side of the image The taller woman is sitting                        with hands clasped looking towards the leaning woman She is wearing an                        ornate hat and a dress with a ruffled neckline Sitting on the ground to the                        right of this woman is a young girl The girl is shown from behind The seat                        divides the image in half horizontally There are three windows above the                        window seat a sash is pulled halfway down on the rightmost one Water and a                        two masted sailboat can be seen through the windows The sails are unfurled                        The image is vertically displayed

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