Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a LadyImage is of a woman shown in 3 4 face from the waist up She is looking                        to her right. A thickly feathered scarf or boa is draped over her chest Her                        light coloured hair is secured by a decorative headpiece with flowers and                        feathers a face-length black dotted veil is attached to the headpiece A bow                        is secured to her head as well with its ribbon tails knotted around her                        neck. Her body is rather large suggesting a large stature or multiple layers                        of clothing The artists name and year George Henry 1894 are in the upper                        right hand corner of the image The image is vertically displayed

MLA citation: Henry, George "Portrait of a Lady." The Yellow Book 8 (January 1896): 226. The Yellow Nineties Online. Ed. Dennis Denisoff and Lorraine Janzen Kooistra. Ryerson University, 2013. Web. [Date of access]. http://www.1890s.ca/HTML.aspx?s=YBV8_henry_portrait.html