The Pied Piper

The Pied PiperImage is of many young children surrounding a man playing a pipe Most                        of the children are looking up at him with heads tilted They are standing                        in a clearing of a forest with relatively bare trees leaves are spread                        across the ground The piper is wearing dark clothing and a fur trimmed hat                        His head is bent down and looking at two children in front of him His body                        divides the image in half vertically One of these children is a young boy                        and the other is a baby The infant is swaddled and attached to the boys                        shoulder Both of them are looking at the piper A young girl is to the left                        of this boy she is wearing dark clothing and a headdress She is looking                        away from the piper to the right and out into the forest In the background                        behind her three dark birds are flying overhead To the mans left side is                        a young girl wearing dark clothing and a light headdress Her head is tilted                        towards the piper she also has a smile on her face The toddler beside her                        is wearing a light coloured dress The child is barefoot and is carrying an                        instrument in their right hand The image is horizontally                        displayed

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