Merlin and Vivien

Merlin and VivienImage is of a woman in a forest She is sitting in the centre of the                        image her face looking forward Her hands are curled up and resting on her                        right knee which extends away from her body A crown of leaves is sitting                        atop the womans long dark hair She is wearing a long sleeveless dark                        coloured dress with a decorated neckline The top of her right foot is poking                        out from beneath the dress slightly more than the toes are all that is                        visible A wraparound golden armlet is around her right upper arm She is                        shown in full face tilted slightly upward with wide almost demented eyes and                        a mysterious smile She is sitting in front of a large rock A persons arm is                        emerging from under the rock their fingers grasping at the ground The                        figures body is faint seen in the darkness of a large crevice Large roots                        and small trees branches surround the image The image is vertically                        displayed

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