A Portrait

A PortraitImage is of a young girl standing on a wooden ladder in a greenhouse                        She is wearing a dress with a white pinafore with ruffled sleeves and                        hemline she is wearing tights underneath Her hair is loose and dark She is                        wearing a beret with a pom pom She is shown in 3 4 face looking down at two                        small dogs in front of her Her left hand is extended upward grasping onto a                        vine while her right arm is resting on the step of the ladder Directly in                        front of her is a white dog with dark ears Its body is turned to the right                        as it is standing horizontally on the lowest step of the ladder but its head                        is looking up at her The darker dog has fluffier fur and a collar it is                        looking up at her as well The dark coloured dog is standing on the ground                        his body turned slightly to the left All three figures are surrounded by                        chrysanthemums There is a multi paned window in the background

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