Bookplate for H.B. Marriott Watson, Esq.

Bookplate for H.B. Marriott Watson, Esq.Image is of a bookplate illustrating a sun behind a woman s floating                        head The sun is positioned in the upper part of the image with rays                        pointing downwards. The woman s floating head is in the centre of the image                        looking downwards with her hair parted in the middle There are wings behind                        the woman s floating head with a snake reaching towards the sun rising from                        the top of the woman s head Below the head there is a transcription that                        reads EX LIBRIS Below this transcription there is a white sign with the                        transcription HB MARRIOTT WATSON N which is surrounded by five white                        hearts against a black background The image is framed by a series of                        layered hearts in a zigzag pattern The image is horizontally                        displayed

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