Bookplate for Egerton Clairmonte, Esq.

Bookplate for Egerton Clairmonte, Esq. Image is of a bookplate for Egerton Clairmonte A soldier is straddling                        his warhorse on the top of a hill peak with his arms raised in the air                        holding a long throwing spear The soldier is dressed in armour and has a                        flowing banner like cape that curls around his back to his waist arched                        away from his body to show the effect of wind. The end of the spear before                        the metal edge has a banner attached to it that flows upwards to form a                        border surrounding the entire image. The light coloured banner has EX LIBRIS                        written along the top and E CLAIRMONTE N along the bottom. The banner                        curls into folds periodically around the border The warhorse is rearing its                        head upwards with its mouth slightly open The warhorse s front left leg is                        raised and bent inward and its mane and tail are blowing in the wind It has                        an ornate saddle stirrup and reins The sun is shining in the upper right                        corner of the frame with black and white sunrays emitting from the sun                        throughout the background There are a few stone structures in the lower                        left corner of the image behind the hill and soldier on his horse in the                        foreground The image is horizontally displayed

MLA citation: Wilson, Patten. Bookplate for Egerton Clairmonte, Esq. The Yellow Book 13 (April 1897). 197 The Yellow Nineties Online. Ed. Dennis Denisoff and Lorraine Janzen Kooistra. Ryerson University. Web. [Date of access].