Vanity Image is of a woman shown in profile from the waist up She is wearing a                        dark ornate dress with a low neckline and a light coloured overlay Her dark                        hair is worn in two braids each of which has a bow She is also wearing a                        headband She is wearing a large pendant around her neck her left hand is                        grasping this necklace In her right hand she is holding a decorative mirror                        Her head is raised up and her eyes are closed. Three butterflies are The                        images name VANITY artist D Y CAMERON and year 1896 are in the centre and                        right at the bottom The image is vertically displayed

MLA citation: Cameron, D.Y. Vanity. The Yellow Book 13 (April 1897). 9 The Yellow Nineties Online. Ed. Dennis Denisoff and Lorraine Janzen Kooistra. Ryerson University. Web. [Date of access].