Old Houses off the Dry Gate, Glasgow

Old Houses off the Dry Gate, Glasgow Image is of a town square near a river In the left foreground is a man                        with a hat leaning against a fence Below him are two figures with pant legs                        rolled up in the river The figure on the right has something in his her                        hand. To the right of the figures is a bridge with a figure sitting on it                        In the middle ground are many clotheslines with clothes on them There is a                        woman adding something to the clothesline and another woman to her left                        beating a rug There are several other unidentifiable figures to the right                        of the woman The background has many buildings with smoking chimneys The                        image is horizontally displayed

MLA citation: Bone, Muirhead. Old Houses off the Dry Gate, Glasgow. The Yellow Book 13 (April 1897). 15 The Yellow Nineties Online. Ed. Dennis Denisoff and Lorraine Janzen Kooistra. Ryerson University. Web. [Date of access]. http://1890s.ca/HTML.aspx?s=YBV13_bone_old.html