So The Wind

So The WindThe image is of a tall wooden ship sailing in human skull infested dark                        waters surrounded by three snake like creatures or serpents The ship is in a                        dark cave with stalactites hanging from the ceiling. In the upper right                        corner of the image there is a small opening that depicts a light sky clouds                        and sunshine streaming into the cave There is also a large opening behind                        the ship where the sky and clouds are also seen The ship s sails are light                        coloured and patched with dark coloured rectangular pieces of cloth There is                        a dark human figure sitting high up on the ship s bowsprit The figure s                        right hand is raised There is a lighter human figure shown from the chest up                        on the upper deck of the ship His right arm is pointed towards the starboard                        side of the ship and he is wearing light coloured clothing and a cap on his                        head The ship s anchor is raised and the figurehead is of a nude angel with                        wings The snake like creatures have scaled bodies and are encircling the                        ship and the water it floats upon Two of the snakes are facing the ship in                        the lower right hand side of the image They are lying on the skull covered                        shore mouths slightly open with fangs protruding There is a third snake                        lying on a raised section of the shore in the mid ground facing the ship                        with its mouth open tongue hanging out of the left side and fangs protruding                        The image is displayed vertically

MLA citation: Wilson, Patten. So The Wind. The Yellow Book 11 (October 1896): 301. The Yellow Nineties Online. Ed. Dennis Denisoff and Lorraine Janzen Kooistra. Ryerson University. Web. [Date of access].