A Phantasy

A PhantasyThe image is of a large fantastical lizard like creature or dragon                        wrapping itself around six orbs and five trees The trees have leaves on                        their branches and in the background there are rolling hills sparse                        shrubbery and a large tent like object in the upper right corner of the                        image The body of the creature encircles three light coloured opaque spheres                        behind the trees in the mid-ground and three transparent orbs in the                        foreground Two of the transparent orbs have human figures in profile facing                        left The farthest one contains a male figure kneeling down with his head                        hidden from view and arms wrapped around his knees He is wearing a helmet                        and body armour The middle orb contains a woman kneeling down with her head                        resting against her right knuckles while her elbow rests on her right thigh                        Her left hand is resting against her left thigh Her light coloured hair is                        fashioned into an up do and she is wearing a long-sleeved dress and                        high-collared cloak The third transparent orb located in the extreme                        foreground at bottom left displays the reflection of the creature s right                        eye magnified in size the other two orbs reflect the creature s scales and                        fangs The creature s scaled head is tilted towards the orb holding the male                        figure eyes gazing downwards at the orb Its left claws are on top of the                        sphere and its mouth is wide open baring long sharp fangs and long speckled                        tongue at the object The image is vertically displayed

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