The Five Sweet Symphonies

The Five Sweet SymphoniesImage is of five women in a yard All of the women are wearing dresses                        with a high neckline and long sleeves They all have voluminous hair The                        woman in the centre is standing and shown in full profile She is holding her                        skirt below the waist Her hair is parted down the middle The woman to her                        right is sitting on the ground she is also shown in full profile Her right                        hand is raised halfway between her face and her body her left hand is also                        raised though it is hidden under an article of clothing Her hair is also                        parted down the middle Shadows fall slightly over her eyes Beside her is a                        woman standing in profile Her dress is dark with a patterned petticoat Her                        dark hair is done up and secured by a snood She is lifting her head slightly                        Her left and right hands are raised up toward her chest in her right hand is                        a sewing needle Across from her are two kneeling women shown in profile The                        woman in the foreground has shoulder-length hair and has her head tilted                        toward the ground Her right hand is raised and has a sewing needle and                        thread in it Her left hand is clutching some patterned fabric on which she                        is stitching Behind her is a woman with curly hair with her head tilted                        upward She is holding a dark fabric in her hands In the background is a low                        wall and a trellis with roses growing on it There is a tree with a slender                        trunk and a triangular-shaped canopy in the left background of the image                        There is a bird flying above it The sky is cloudy The image is horizontally                        displayed

MLA citation: Syrett Nellie "The Five Sweet Symphonies." The Yellow Book 10 (July 1896): 257. The Yellow Nineties Online. Ed. Dennis Denisoff and Lorraine Janzen Kooistra. Ryerson University. Web. [Date of access].