A Lady Loved a Rose

A Lady Loved a Rose


Renée de Coutans

HER heart o'erbrimming with much love unsought,
A lady loved a rose.
    . . . . . . . . . .
Through sun-flecked paths she wandered dreamily,
By greeny lawns, and trees, and singing birds
(Her heart o'erbrimming with much love unsought).

And passed she by a rose-bush, bearing graciously
A flowered burden, lovely, sweet
(Her own heart burdened with its love unsought).

She plucked an offering, fair bud,
And pressed it fondly to her lips
    (Her heart distraught),
When lo ! the tender penetrating scent
Deep nestled to her heart


168 A Lady Loved a Rose

And stirred that Love a longing there,
Which leapt to the soft purple leaves,
And fainted in a kiss,
A kiss of joy full satisfied at last
(Her heart was brimming with such love unsought).

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