Sohrab Taking Leave of his Mother

Sohrab Taking Leave of his MotherThe image is of a turbaned man on horseback holding the hands of a                        standing woman The man on horseback is wearing elaborate armour and has a                        moustache He is holding both the woman s hands in his right hand while his                        left holds a shield His eyes are cast downwards and to the left The standing                        woman is located to the right of the man She stands on a raised checker                        patterned step surrounded by patterned columns which elevates her slightly                        above the man She is bending over slightly towards the man She wears a long                        gown with puffed sleeves earrings and decorative accessories in her hair In                        the foreground the horse is eating a tuft of grass and to the left of the                        horse is a man wearing a turban In the background there are several                        buildings and three men with turbans The image is vertically                        displayed

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