A Penelope

A PenelopeThe image is of a seated woman doing needlework at a large embroidery                        frame The woman is in profile and facing left Her left hand rests on the                        frame of the stand while her right hand works the needle Her foot rests on                        the base of the stand She is wearing an elaborate patterned dress with                        puffed sleeves and folded cuffs with bows Her light coloured hair is done up                        and she has a crown on top of her head She is sitting on a wooden bench or                        chair There is a pond in the foreground with water lilies lily pads and                        other vegetation in the water The scene appears to be on a terrace or patio                        overlooking a body of water There is a large ship in the background beyond                        the seated woman with three large dark coloured sails Beyond the ship there                        are buildings to the right The image has a double frame with vertical dash                        marks in each corner insinuating some kind of textured frame around the                        image The image is vertically displayed

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