Back Cover

Back CoverBack cover is divided vertically into two sections by the chain of a                        ships anchor The chain separates the Literature list on the left from the                        Art section on the right The back cover is also divided horizontally into                        three sections with a headpeiece a tailpiece and a middle section which                        lists the contents In the headpiece there are two figures on a ship In the                        middle of the image a man with a moustache wearing striped pants is cranking                        the sail To his right a man wearing a checkered shirt is bent over with his                        back to the viewer The ship spans the entire frame of the image its bowsprit                        on the left side and the stern on the right Above the bowsprit is a masthead                        of an animal perhaps a dog Behind the ship is a brick wall and on the left                        side of the wall there is a mooring ring In the tailpiece there are plants                        and water lilies and the anchor rests in the middle of the pane The image is                        vertically displayed and printed with black ink on a yellow                        background

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