Going to Church

Going to ChurchThe image is of four standing figures The figure on the far left of the                        image is a light haired man in a top hat dark coat and white collar He is                        holding a book in his left hand He is in profile facing left To the right of                        him is a woman wearing a light coloured head covering hiding her hair She is                        also wearing a dark coloured hooded cloak Her hands are folded in front of                        her down by her waist She is in profile facing left Her head is slightly                        bowed and her gaze is cast downwards Beside and slightly to the right of the                        woman is a child of indeterminate gender The child has shoulder length hair                        The child is in profile facing left and its gaze is to the left Only the top                        half of the childs body is visible To the right of the man woman and child                        is a tree There is a man behind and slightly to the right of the tree His                        left hand is resting on the tree trunk He is wearing a light coloured shirt                        and a hat and his gaze is upwards In the middle ground there is a field or                        valley and in the background there are buildings The image is horizontally                        displayed

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