Souvenir de Paris

Souvenir de ParisThe image is of several figures around a pond There is a woman in the                        left foreground She is wearing light coloured clothing with a textured cape                        or cloak She is also wearing a large dark coloured hat She is shown in 3 4                        face Her left hand is raised to the height of her neck and her little finger                        is extended She is holding a cup and saucer down by her lap with her right                        hand Her gaze is to the left In the middle ground there are several people                        in formal dress including a woman in dark clothing and a gentleman in a top                        hat In the background beyond the pond there are two figures by the waters                        edge and a third figure to the right of them There are several bare trees                        and the Arc de Triomphe can be seen in the background The image is                        vertically displayed

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