The Wasser-Thurm, Nürnberg

The Wasser-Thurm, NürnbergThe image is of a waterway buildings a water tower and an arched bridge                        The waterway is in the foreground and middle ground The buildings and water                        tower are in the middle ground and are on the left side of the image while                        the bridge is on the right side In the far right middle ground obstructing                        the view of the bridge is a shoreline with trees and other vegetation There                        is a figure under the arch of the bridge closest to the water tower In the                        background there is a suggestion of church spires The image is vertically                        displayed

MLA citation: Ball, Wilfred. "The Wasser-Thurm, Nürnberg." The Yellow Book 6 (July 1895): 267. The Yellow Nineties Online. Ed. Dennis Denisoff and Lorraine Janzen Kooistra. Ryerson University, 2011. Web. [Date of access].