A Drawing

A DrawingThe image is of two men on horseback The man in the left foreground has                        his back to the viewer He is wearing a turban elaborate armour and has a                        moustache In his left hand is the end of a lasso which is tied around the                        torso of the other man on horseback The man in the right middle ground                        struggles with the lasso while his horse rears His sword has dropped to the                        ground The man on the rearing horse also wears a turban and has a moustache                        but appears to be without armour In the right foreground there is a figure                        in armour drawing a sword The figure is only partially in view and of                        indiscriminate gender There is dirt grass and plantation in the area around                        the men and flowers in the left corner of the image In the background there                        are buildings with curved angles The image is vertically displayed

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