Back Cover

Back CoverBack cover is divided vertically into two sections by a lit candle The                        candle separates the Literature list on the left from the Art list on the                        right The cover is divided horizontally into three sections by the black                        frame of polka dot curtained window at the top and by the flowered pane at                        the bottom In the upper left there is a torso of a masked woman with light                        hair and striped attire looking sideways to the left To her right is the                        polka dotted curtain which is positioned behind a candelabra To the right of                        the curtain that is at the centre is the torso of a bare shouldered smiling                        black haired woman in a large hat with a bow The lit candle in the middle                        separates this woman from the torso of a harlequin in profile with a large                        ruff on its neck To the right there is a another polka dotted curtain behind                        this curtain is a 3 4 view of the torso of a woman in black with black hair                        smiling with downcast eyes facing right Artist s signature is at the bottom                        centre to the immediate left and right of the candle that divides Literature                        and Art The image is vertically displayed and printed with black ink on                        yellow background

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