The Knock-out

The Knock-outThe image is of a boxing ring Two male figures are in the ring both                        have naked torsos The man in the middle ground is standing with a wide                        stance He is wearing boxing gloves and his left arm in extended while his                        right arm crosses his body The other man is in the foreground lying on his                        back knocked out by the standing man His right arm is extended while his                        left arm is bent and elevated over his head The lying man is also wearing                        boxing gloves There is a stool and bucket in the extreme left foreground to                        the left of the lying man s head In the left background of the image there                        is a crowd of men who are spectators at the boxing match Some men have                        moustaches and some are clean shaven Some spectators are wearing top hats                        and others are wearing bowler hats There are also two men standing in the                        right background separated from the crowd on the left watching the match The                        image is horizontally displayed.

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