The Repentance of Mrs. ****

The Repentance of Mrs. ****The image is of five figures The central figure is a woman on her knees                        her eyes are shut and her hands are upheld in a prayer position her fingers                        are laced The praying woman is facing left towards a table the majority of                        which is out of frame The feet of the table are cloven There is an open book                        placed on the table To the right of the kneeling woman is a goateed dwarf                        wearing a turban embellished Eastern robes and carrying a small ornamental                        box The dwarf sticks his tongue out at the kneeling woman Behind these two                        figures is a woman with her right arm extended and her palm facing upwards                        as though asking for something She is wearing a gown and an ornamental head                        band and looking at the kneeling woman with a slight smile To the right of                        her is an androgynous figure The figure is wearing a long jacket with lapels                        The figure has long light coloured hair and is holding a thin tasselled                        walking stick The figure s head is turned toward the kneeling woman watching                        her and smiling At the right side of the image is a figure whose body is                        half out of frame The sex of the figure is unclear The figure is nude and is                        looking towards the kneeling woman The image is vertically                        displayed

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