Comedy-Ballet of Marionnettes III

Comedy-Ballet of Marionnettes IIIThe image is of three figures onstage with four figures below Onstage the                  central figure is a tall woman in a black dress holding two white flowers in her                  left hand and a mask behind her back There is a figure on either side of her each                  in white On her left is a horned man in bloomers with a forked beard one foot                  raised he appears to be dancing On her right is a female or androgynous figure in                  short dress pantaloons black sash who has a bent arm in front and bent arm behind                  and looks at the principal dancer whose arms are similarly positioned Curtains                  frame top of image on left side and extreme back of stage Musicians below appear                  white against black stage Conductor is wearing an 18th century coat with pigtail                  butterfly bows on coat on far right a woman in 18th century dress feather in hair                  There is a drum in the bottom right corner On the left there are two figures one                  blowing into a wind instrument the other with cymbals Both with feathers in                  headpiece Far left figure is bald other has long black hair The image is framed by                  three thin black lines The image is vertically displayed

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