Front Cover

Front CoverThe cover is divided horizontally into three sections The upper section                  takes about 1 4 of the cover s space for the title details The Yellow Book An                  Illustrated Quarterly Volume I April 1894 In the bottom section about 1 6th of the                  cover s space is dedicated to the publication and pricing details London Elkin                  Mathews & John Lane Boston Copeland & Day Price 5 Net The large central                  image features in the foreground the torso of a large smiling masked woman in a                  large black hat wearing a polka dot dress On the right there is a masked figure                  likely male positioned behind her shoulder his hat takes up half of the background                  A lit candle is in the bottom left corner Artist s signature is in the bottom                  right corner The image is vertically displayed and printed with black ink on                  yellow background

The Yellow Book
An Illustrated Quarterly
Volume I Aprtl 1894
London: Elkin Mathews & John Lane
Boston:Copeland & Day
Price 5/- Net

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