A Book Plate for J. L. Propert, Esq. and A Book Plate for Major-General Gosset

A Book Plate for J. L. Propert, Esq. and A Book Plate for Major-General Gosset.

First image is of a black haired woman with flowers in her hair sitting in                                          profile to the right her lace trimmed black dress dividing the picture plane                                          horizontally and vertically She is wearing several flowers in her hair affixed                                          above her ear as well as others that are attached to the back of her dress Above                                          her is a flowering branch originating from the upper right and growing downwards                                          curling around the lettering EX LIBRIS JOHN LUMSDEN PROPERT in the upper left                                          corner She looks down at a harlequin figure in profile in the bottom left The                                          harlequin is praying in front of a lit candle at the bottom right It is wearing a                                          light coloured outfit with a ruff it has light hair Just behind the harlequin is a                                          decorative black frieze with white blossoms Artist s signature and date 1893 are                                          at bottom left corner Second image is of a kneeling woman in Grecian robes and                                          headpiece in the extreme foreground She is kneeling in profile in the bottom left                                          of the image dividing the image horizontally Her eyes are cast downward at a                                          scroll she is holding that has the lettering MATT GOSSET 1893 HYS BOKE with a                                          small flower in the scroll s upper right corner This scroll is in the bottom right                                          corner Above the scroll in the right middle ground is a mast with heraldic shield                                          containing an eagle and a ring and the Latin insignia Probita Verus Honos the                                          shield is topped by a dog s head Both images are on a black background decorated                                          with white tulip designs the border is formed by flag flowers swords and lizards                                          Artist signature is contained in border at bottom right The images are                                          horizontally displayed

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