Front Cover

Front CoverFront cover is of an outdoor setting Centred at the top of the image                        is the title The Evergreen in capital letters A large tree and its                        leaves take up the majority of the cover To the right of the image is the                        word Spring and within the framing of the top of the S is an image of a                        female figure sitting on the ground We see the female in profile from the                        right she has dark hair that is untied her sleeves are rolled back and                        she is barefoot Her shirt is white with black polka dots and her skirt is                        black She is surrounded by plants and wildlife and is reaching her right                        arm towards a flower This same image is featured on the title page On the                        bottom right of the cover it reads published by Patrick Geddes &                        Colleagues at the Lawnmarket of Edinburgh On the bottom right of the image                        is the author s signature an m inside of a circle Across the bottom of                        the image it reads London T Fisher Unwin Paternoster Row The                        brown leather cover is embossed in muted colours of green and red Image is                        vertically displayed

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