Out-FaringImage is of a boat sailing through the water slightly behind another                         boat. The focal boat has a big sail, of which we can see the bottom                         half on which is printed an eagle with its wings spread in front of a                         black sun with large, white sunbeams extending around it. The sail is                         divided in vertical segments with a small, white wavy line at the bottom                         of each segment. There is a winged, young nude male leaning against                         the prow of the ship, with his hands held up above his eyes, peering                         into the distance. The ship is ornate and on the bow is carved five                         white doves. There are waves throughout the water. There is the appearance                         of wind in the sky. In the far distance in the background, to the left,                         is a small town. In the foreground, to the left, there is a rock in the                         water with what appears to be a broken part of a ship on it and the rock                         is covered in kelp, starfish, and a piece of wood. The second boat, of                         which we only see the stern, is also ornate with a face carved into the                         back. The author’s signature is in the lower-right corner of the image,                         in white against the black of the semi-shown boat. The image engraver’s                         signature, “Hare Sc” is in the lower-right corner. The image is horizontally                         displayed with a bounding box of two thin lines.

MLA citation: Duncan, John. "Out-Faring." The Evergreen 1 (1895): 53. The Yellow Nineties Online. Ed. Dennis Denisoff and Lorraine Janzen Kooistra. Ryerson University, 2016. Web. [Date of access]