Anima Celtica [Celtic Spirit]

Anima Celtica [Celtic Spirit]Image is of a woman towards the front centre of the image She is                        holding one hand under her chin while the other is resting on a book that is                        on a desk surrounded by various objects sword dagger Her head is turned to                        the left and you can only see a profile view of her face A heart shaped                        candle to her left burns and out of the swirling smoke a collage of images                        fill the space behind her at which she looks over her shoulder The collage                        of images is not within any particular setting so the reader gets the                        impression the images are imaginary or spiritual In the top left corner of                        the image there are two men One is lying on a bench while the other is                        standing behind him Moving to the top right corner there is a figure holding                        a baby Coming out from the right edge of the picture is an arm holding a                        sword Below this are an old man and young woman The man is looking up while                        the female is looking to the front she is carrying a harp The image is                        vertically displayed within a bounding box of two thin black lines The                        engraver s signature Hare Sc is in the bottom right corner

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