The Tron and St. Giles'

The Tron and St GilesImage is of an outdoor setting The image is dark and blurred as if                        there is fog surrounding the people and buildings Towards the centre of the                        image is a clock tower the Tron Kirk that reaches the top of the image                        Behind the clock tower to the right is the St Giles Cathedral There are                        grey clouds in the sky There appear to be people on the street in front of                        the tower however their figures are difficult to make out The author                        signature J Cadenhead is in the bottom right corner of the image The                        image is vertically displayed Lines are drawn by pencil or charcoal The                        image is contained in a bounding box of one black line

MLA citation: Cadenhead, James. "The Tron and St. Giles'." The Evergreen 1 (1895): 129. The Yellow Nineties Online. Ed. Dennis Denisoff and Lorraine Janzen Kooistra. Ryerson University, 2016. Web. [Date of access].