Arbor Saeculorum [Tree of History]

Arbor Saeculorum [Tree of History]Image is of two sphinxes on either side of the Arbor Saeculorum or the                        Tree of History At the top of the tree on the left side a Phoenix and on the                        right is a butterfly There are two scrolls on either side of the image Both                        of them are divided into seven squares within each resides an image The                        images on either side that are on the same level relate to each other                        Beginning at the bottom are the hexagonal Star of David left and the term                        for the Hebrew God right The next level depicts a boat left and an owl right                        Next is a chain and the fasces for law and justice left across is the chi                        rho sign and a barrel with an axe right Moving up is a helmet and the                        charter of the free cities left as well as the papal tiara and a barrel                        right On the next level are the blazons of noblemen and a hat left and Greek                        letters that symbolize knowledge and the bible right Next are swords and a                        cogwheel left and the liberty hat rising above the fleur de lis right                        Finally at the highest level are empty outstretched hands left and the flags                        of anarchism and socialism right The letter P is in the lower left corner of                        the image and the letter G is in the lower right these are Patrick Geddes                        own initials The image is vertically displayed

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